Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sheriff takes helmet wearing kids to Applebee's

Wearing a bike helmet while tooling around the streets in Charlotte County,Southwest Florida could make your child a winner.
Charlotte County deputies will be out on the streets looking for kids who are doing the right thing -- wearing helmets. And when they find them, they will present then with a coupon for a free child's meal in the dining room at the Port Charlotte Applebee's.
"We are part of the neighborhood and we make sure that we participate in anything positive," said Matt Donahue, Applebee's manager. "Applebee's has been involved in this program for a time, and we believe in community involvement."
Any child in need of a bicycle helmet can receive one free from the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. They must be fitted for the helmet and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If a law enforcement officer stops a child for not wearing a helmet, the fine is $43.50.

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