Friday, October 20, 2006

Z1R Rail Fuel Helmet Reviewed

JC Hilderbrand, over at has got hold, no much better than that, here is an excerpt of the article.
When MotoUSA's Editorial Director, Ken Hutchison, showed up for the Parts Unlimited Rocky Mountain 400 ride with his current off road lid, the guys at Z1R were appalled. Refusing to send him out into the wilderness with his roughed-up brain bucket, they graciously offered him the newest mid-level helmet, the Rail Fuel. He spent the next three days gallivanting through the scenic Rocky Mountains with his noggin thoroughly protected from the wind, rain, sleet and snow he encountered. After such, he returned to our home base in southern Oregon where he dragged it from his gearbag, still sweaty, and forced it upon me through editorial coercion. My contribution, as always: the crash test.
Head over there and read more about the true test.

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