Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Airbrush your bike or your helmet

I was reading record online today when I noticed an article about an airbrush artist.
I am glad that I read the article and saw his paintings.
I love Eagles. They depicts the very freedom and nobility I have come to admire in this land. I was glad to read this news article among all those bad news we hear today.
Robb Ortel is the artist and Hot Air Graphixx is his studio.
Donna Kessler has actually visited the studio for it's Grand opening. And Donna says;
"Lou Debrino of Tuxedo was proud to show off the Company 3 Eagle Valley firetruck on which Robb meticulously had applied gold-leaf scrolling and airbrushed a mural of an eagle on the side. Visitors at the grand opening were impressed with the workmanship and detail of the gold-leaf scrolling. The stripping went down the full side of the truck, and where it ended there was an outline of an eagle's head."
So if you want to make your Bike or Helmet a unique piece of art, read Donna's article to read about Robb and Visit or Robb at his store on County Route 78 in Middletown to see more of his artwork. Give him a call at 978-3960.

Some of his work.

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RobbOrtel said...

Thanks, Raven, for enjoying my artwork and for the kind words. It's always nice to hear praise! You're welcome in my studio anytime!