Sunday, December 24, 2006

Be safe and have a great holiday

I hope Santa will come your way and Your holiday will be filled with laughter and Joy. If you pass by an unfortunate person, please try to make him/her smile. Don't forget that all the Kids are the same!

Best Regards!
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

This Toshiba helmet is not for your bike!

AP reports about an experimental helmet produced by Toshiba for Virtual world experiments, game or may be Virtual travel.
Inside the headgear from the Japanese electronics maker, a 16-inch screen can show a vista that is synced with the wearer's head movements, giving the illusion of actually being there.
The 6.6 pound helmet -- squared off in the back and rounded, bubble-like, in the front has infrared sensors at the top that detect which way the wearer's head is moving.

Toshiba has no plans yet to turn the technology into a commercial product. But it believes it will come in handy for computer games or enhancing the impact of movies. There is no price estimate for the gadget.

"I tried wearing it watching video of outer space," Ms. Hiraki said. "I felt like I was flying. It felt so real."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sheriff takes helmet wearing kids to Applebee's

Wearing a bike helmet while tooling around the streets in Charlotte County,Southwest Florida could make your child a winner.
Charlotte County deputies will be out on the streets looking for kids who are doing the right thing -- wearing helmets. And when they find them, they will present then with a coupon for a free child's meal in the dining room at the Port Charlotte Applebee's.
"We are part of the neighborhood and we make sure that we participate in anything positive," said Matt Donahue, Applebee's manager. "Applebee's has been involved in this program for a time, and we believe in community involvement."
Any child in need of a bicycle helmet can receive one free from the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. They must be fitted for the helmet and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If a law enforcement officer stops a child for not wearing a helmet, the fine is $43.50.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Z1R Rail Fuel Helmet Reviewed

JC Hilderbrand, over at has got hold, no much better than that, here is an excerpt of the article.
When MotoUSA's Editorial Director, Ken Hutchison, showed up for the Parts Unlimited Rocky Mountain 400 ride with his current off road lid, the guys at Z1R were appalled. Refusing to send him out into the wilderness with his roughed-up brain bucket, they graciously offered him the newest mid-level helmet, the Rail Fuel. He spent the next three days gallivanting through the scenic Rocky Mountains with his noggin thoroughly protected from the wind, rain, sleet and snow he encountered. After such, he returned to our home base in southern Oregon where he dragged it from his gearbag, still sweaty, and forced it upon me through editorial coercion. My contribution, as always: the crash test.
Head over there and read more about the true test.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Airbrush your bike or your helmet

I was reading record online today when I noticed an article about an airbrush artist.
I am glad that I read the article and saw his paintings.
I love Eagles. They depicts the very freedom and nobility I have come to admire in this land. I was glad to read this news article among all those bad news we hear today.
Robb Ortel is the artist and Hot Air Graphixx is his studio.
Donna Kessler has actually visited the studio for it's Grand opening. And Donna says;
"Lou Debrino of Tuxedo was proud to show off the Company 3 Eagle Valley firetruck on which Robb meticulously had applied gold-leaf scrolling and airbrushed a mural of an eagle on the side. Visitors at the grand opening were impressed with the workmanship and detail of the gold-leaf scrolling. The stripping went down the full side of the truck, and where it ended there was an outline of an eagle's head."
So if you want to make your Bike or Helmet a unique piece of art, read Donna's article to read about Robb and Visit or Robb at his store on County Route 78 in Middletown to see more of his artwork. Give him a call at 978-3960.

Some of his work.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shoei X-Eleven Helmet

Pricey but a great helmet. After RF-1000 (now a girl helmet is available under the name RF-1000 Flutter), next best helmet from Shoei is the X-Eleven. Here are some Information but it is nothing like holding and testing it. After all Helmet is something that you going to wear for a while.
Tech Info from Shoei;
The X-ELEVEN has been the helmet of choice for professional riders since itÂ’s introduction. Built to race specifications, the X-Eleven was designed and developed in collaboration with professional riders, like Jake Zemke, Eric Bostrom, and Chris Vermeulen to name a few.

Numerous hours in our wind tunnel and on racetracks around the world has produced an aerodynamically superior helmet with minimal lift and drag, plus incomparable fit and ventilation.

The worldÂ’s most demanding riders demand nothing but the best. The X-ELEVEN only from Shoei.

* Quick Release Base Plate System
* Dual Liner Ventilation System
* 3D Comfort Liner System
* Upper Air Intake
* Lower Air Intake
* Dual Air Charge System
* Face Shield Defogging Vent
* Chin Curtain
* Rear Air Exhaust
* Neck Outlet Vent
* Exhaust Breath Chamber
* Breath Guard
* Aero Edge Spoiler With Exhaust Vent
* Preset Shield Opening Lever With Locking Mechanism
* CX-1V Shield
* AIM+Shell Construction
* Snell M2005
* 5 Year Warranty From Purchase Date. 7 Year Warranty From Helmet Manufacture Date.

My fevorite; Drop down to see other models

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Technorati Profile

Online biker gear store shores up profits.

According to PRWEB, today announced estimated sales for 2006 should top $17.5 Million, with sales growth over 100% from 2005 sales. We attribute this continued growth to strong repeat customer business, high satisfaction rate, and robust word of mouth. People are telling there friends and family about our products and prices, our customer base continues to grow at a record pace in 2006. People have started to realize they can buy direct from a manufacturer and save 50-80% off quality leather goods and motorcycle gear. has come to dominate the online motorcycle gear market. Our brands Xelement ( and Outlaw Helmets ( have come to dominate the online marketplace for motorcycle goods. Customer loyalty and repeat business continues to be overwhelmingly robust in 2006. We are seeing the average order size increase over 10% and average conversion rate increase of over 500 basis points. All the signs are very positive going into the holiday season. Internal estimates predict $17.5 million in sales in 2006 and $28-$30 million in 2007. We will be one of largest and most powerful forces in the motorcycle and leather industry by end of the decade. While our competition continues to suffer from much lower growth rates, and low profit margins. This is mainly due to older and out dated product lines and the fact they buy from distributors who and are not direct like That old model of business is slowing dying out; consumers are getting smarter and know were they can buy direct and better products for less online.
About; is the most popular online leather store, dominating the online segments for fashion and motorcycle leather jackets and biker gear. Incorporating the unique approach of manufacturing there own product lines from footwear, jackets, motorcycle helmets, and biker accessories. This focus on direct to consumer cost structure has enabled to bring higher quality products direct to online consumers at fraction of the cost. The strong word of mouth and loyalty of customers has help push them to the forefront of leading Internet Businesses, and domination of several key niche market segments online.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Smart Helmet designed! Will it be on the shop shelf

David Ponce, at ohgizmo writes about The Smart Helmet, from professor/inventor Ted Selker packs so many useful features, that if it was ever commercialized, it could very well revolutionize anyone'’s cycling experience. And, we a’re not saying this lightly. On the outside, it retains its regular BMX helmet appearance, but Selker has managed to fit a bevvy of electronic components, such as a PIC controller, an accelerometer, a GPS unit, a microphone and speakers, Bluetooth module, etc. What can he do with all this?
He can play music or audio books, with hook-ups for an iPod or tape cassette. It can record speech through built-in microphones, and GPS (Global Positioning System) warns the wearer of hazards on a given route. It also can detect important sounds like a fire siren to mute music when necessary. It has a Motorola cell phone with Bluetooth installed so a bicyclist can talk on the phone, hands-free.
He is constantly adding and modifying the helmet. The newest Smart Helmet, finished this summer, lets the bicyclist shake his head to turn on a microphone, which then records a voice command. For example, if Selker runs into a blind spot at an intersection or a pothole in the road, he can activate the microphone by shaking his head and then say "bad intersection" or "dangerous hole." With GPS technology installed, the helmet will then detect when Selker is traveling near those same spots another day and turn on the recorded audio.

"I live in Boston, where there are typically no street signs," he said. "With the helmet, I can shake my head, and say, 'Massachusetts Avenue,' and create a virtual city." As he travell from home to MIT.

Other ways that helmets involved in saving lives

Helmet cam video of US Special Forces rescuing Polish business man Jerzy Kos from Iraqi kidnappers.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Twenty20 Helmet Camera

BMX, Downhill, Motocross, Snow, ATV, you name it. If you've got a two wheeled vehicle that doesn't have a battery then the Twenty20 Helmet Camera is right for you. Coming in at a total weight of 10oz (with a battery). Twenty20 offers the smallest and lightest Helmet Cam on the market.

Why Twenty20? Our systems are the only helmet cameras to use a CMOS chip set so everything is run off a single 9 volt battery. A single 9 volt battery will last up to 20 hours. Our products also include a 1 year warranty and availalbe only at your local dealer (Click for Dealer Locator).

The camera mounts on your helmet with a marine grade velcro and also includes a microphone and mini-jack connector to plug into any recording device with an A/V input. Now you can show all your friends your POV view of your adventures.